Lap Related to Bar Diameter

The following general requirements shall apply to the splicing of reinforcement:

  1. Splices of reinforcement shall be made only as required or permitted on the design drawings or in specifications.
  2. The splice shall be made by welding, by mechanical means, by end-bearing, or by lapping.
  3. Splicing of reinforcement shall take into account the requirements of Clause 19.1.3 regarding the placement of concrete.
  4. Splices required in bars in tension tie members shall be made only by welding or mechanical means.
  5. Lapped splices shall not be used for bars in compression with diameter larger than 40 mm and for bars in tension with diameter larger than 32 mm.
  6. Welding of reinforcing bars shall not be made less than 3db from that part of a bar that has been bent and re-straightened.

AS/NZS Standards documentation