Concrete Cover Specifications
Tolerances on concrete cover relative to the values shown on the drawings and specifications
In slabs and walls +10, -0 mm
In beams and columns +10, -0 mm
At ends of members +25, -0 mm


  • Reinforcement shall be positioned in the formwork in accordance with the tolerances of 3.9(c) and 3.9(d) to provide the minimum concrete cover thickness as shown on the drawings and specifications.
  • Cover is measured from the outside of the stirrup hoop, spiral or tie to the exterior surface of the concrete.
  • Concrete cover thickness requirements will vary with different concrete strengths and specifications.
  • Where concrete is cast on or against ground and compacted in accordance with section 7, the minimum cover for a surface in contact with the ground shall be 75 mm or 50 mm if using a damp-proof membrane between the ground and the concrete to be cast.

AS/NZS Standards documentation

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